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They mix different kinds of results into an answer, presenting only relevant onesTheir scrap tool (sort of like social bookmarkingla digg or delicious) allows users to copy parts of one blog or site onto another, helping to grow the interconnectedness of the interweb and building relevanceBehind Naver is an engine of editorial staff who reviewThey have a Google Answersor Yahoo! Knowledge like offer which helps to identify new subjects and content to deep dive onOther than the aforementioned editorial staff, which is outsourced to low cost centres like China, the company is run by a team of just over 80 people who are amazingly innovative and agileThey also have JR Naver kids’ searchInterestingly, US based Mahalo lists Naver as its biggest inspiration. They have duplicated the Naver editorial model, but built it up into an amazing engine of content discovery and improvement..

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